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This is Afzal Zaheer and Mohd Fahad from Lucknow. We deal in buy/sell of all kinds of properties in the city of Nawabs that is Lucknow.

Our office is in Khurram Nagar, Lucknow


All our properties are in Muslim dominated areas and they are situated near Masjid, markets, education institutions, hospitals, parks etc.


Belonging to middle class Muslim families, most of us buy properties / homes once in a life time since, it is years of savings which we have done from our hard-earned money. Finally, it is the time to accomplish the long lasting dream of buying a durable, conducive, state of the art and facilitated independent houses/ flats/ land. Hence, in order to accomplish the dream, we have always been facilitating our esteemed clients with various top notch independent properties which besides being right near to prominent locations, are equally surrounded with Masjid, markets, education institutions, hospitals, parks etc.

  • Currently, we are selling various plots of land / homes in Muslim dominated areas of Lucknow.
  • We also deal in resale of properties
  • We also have flats, purely in Muslim areas too.

Therefore, contact us and save yourself from various unforeseen situations once and forever. If you get in touch with us, your will actually feel a lot happy and at ease. Since, life is so beautiful if you invest in the right property since, besides living in a carefree atmosphere, the rate of proper properties increase a lot more.


Afzal Zaheer
Address: Khurram Nagar, Lucknow
Mobile No. +91-7007-786-038
Email Id:

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs and it has a sizeable number of muslims living in the present era. Thanks to the capital city, a big number of muslims from Eastern U.P, are coming and living in the city. Naturally, as a muslim, they look for Muslim residential housing society in lucknow surrounded with Masjid as well.

Hence, if you are looking for cheap and best flats/house in Lucknow, then I can give you flats in Muslim areas such as Khurram Nagar, Nishat Ganj, in muslim pockets of Vikas Nagar, Kursi Road, Aliganj, Gomti Nagar, Kalyanpur etc.

Right now, I have a good deal where Price of two rooms/ three rooms flat in muslim area is quite reasonable. You can get 1 BHK flat in just 19 lakhs. This is ready to move flat.

Hence, if you are looking for flat for purchasing in muslim locality, then don’t wait any further.

I have hot deals which will surely save a lot of your hard-earned money and you will feel happy to equally live in a Muslim area once and for ever.

Considering the boom in real estate industry, the prices of properties have escalated miles apart. However, still in such a scenario, you can actually get cheap and best flats/house in Lucknow, if you contact me on my no. 7007-786-038 where I have all sorts of Newly built or constructed flats or houses as per your requirement. We equally have land at your service quite like the way you want.

Currently, Booking of flats in muslim colony is underway and if you book immediately, then you will be eligible for the concessional rate as well. These days the demand of 1 bhk or one room furnished flat is sky-high, considering the escalating prices of bigger flats which middle class families can’t afford. Hence, 1 BHK flats are being sold briskly.

Therefore, if you are looking for Booking of flats in muslim colony, then don’t wait any further. Come and contact me and experience the pleasant different since, I have over 10 years of experience in real-estate field where hundreds of muslim people are happily living with their own personal properties.

Hence, contact me for Sale / purchase farmhouse, kothi, bungalow, duplex, studio apartment , New booking of flat / apartment , Office space or Sale purchase shop and live life tension free once and for ever.

Afzal Zaheer
Address: Khurram Nagar, Lucknow
Mobile No. +91-7007-786-038
Email Id: