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Noida Authority Approved Muslim Housing Society Noida

India is a land of diversity where people coexist yet hold on to their culture and traditions.

Some find comfort in the familiar voice of the Fajr muezzin; for others, it is the chirping of birds amid soft waves of that cold early morning air.

Some want to leave behind the dark alleys and escape the ghettos. Some just want a clean and safe neighborhood where they can park their car without worry or leave their home and go to work without a sweat on their brow.

Others seek an environment of neighbors within their community with whom they can bond over things familiar, be it festivals or social occasions.

Yet, this remains too much to ask for community members. They may have figured out career and family but finding a decent house remains a concern.

So to address concerns like these, a group of motivated old boys of Aligarh and Jamia, have now come up with a housing solution in Noida.

Thousands of modern homes along a nearly three kilometer stretch, barely three kilometers from the National Highway 24, are up for taking. Apart from proximity to mosques, cemetery and an Eidgah, the homes offer modern amenities in a clean and safe environment to suit your tastes.

Supertech Eco Village 1, Earth con Casa Royale, Earthcon Sanskirit, Antriksh Golf Links, Antriksh Valley, Aaradhyam Golf Homes and Casa Royale offer you a wide range of homes designed to suit your needs. More details in the links above.

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