Rainbow Village

"Rainbow Roofs" has become a trusted name in the world of real-estate for people of Aligarh. The elegant, charming, spacious and enthralling independent houses are the most profound proof of the luxurious housing society to live upon.

Success comes for those who continuously provide the best results and likewise, thanks to the love and appreciation of masses, the challenging journey which was started in 2006, is seeing the fruits of happiness and satisfaction, with respect to satisfied and happy owners of the "Rainbow Roofs" houses.

Our professionalism, dedication, skills , capabilities and experience and ofcourse team work accomplished our long cherished dream of creating housing society with "Rainbow Roofs" Let's take a look at our established endeavors

Rainbow Villas: This will be 258 square yard duplex which will be more of an independent villa. It will lack the common sharing wall between the two houses in a row. The ambience and utility in the house is glorified to the upper levels when compared with earlier phases. Modular switch board, best in class paintings, wooden frames of door & windows, upgraded Floor and bathroom tiles etc. There will be a separate gallery entry to the house for maids and emergencies. Bedroom sizes and specially lobby sizes is much enlarged, keeping in mind the status of home. Bathroom has been redesigned with added dressings spaces. Master bedroom has been enlarged enough with an elevation facing terraces and a common lower terrace. The lawn has been fenced from front portion as well.

Rainbow Premium Villas: If the appreciation is truly deserving,it makes a person being motivated to a level higher than earlier. After the splendid chart busting of RAINBOW-I and RAINBOW- II. We were much willing to give more, and so with constant perseverance,the wait is finally over. A villa beyond villa, a house beyond utility, a place bigger than beautiful, Premium rainbow villas. Never ever presented in Aligarh. A 500 sq. yard fairly castle in human land. Specially made by us for satisfying our inner craft. Every aspect of this home will be state of art he at facia , wood work, plumbing, flooring, gypsum work or anything. You dream of anything and your fulfillment is here, almost nothing has been ignored.

Besides the best legacy of art in the house, you will be having some common exemplary features of rainbow village respectively too. Heaven is here. That’s the only sentence lies between your registration & your possession.

Duplex Apartments: It is not a new concept worldwide. But if there is a thing existing in world somewhere, why not in Aligarh. It's a kind of individual two storied house, with in the main framework of a tower. Now you can have your ground floor & a first floor, while being living inside a safe guarded multistoried building. You have your own staircase, while enjoying ride of a common elevator as well. A balcony of a first floor while a view of tenth floor. It is a fusion of civil engineering. It is equipped with two storey parking with an option of two cars sometimes. A community hall for all kinds of amusements, a jogging track, open areas, lush green central park and a compounded colony.

Classic Apartments: "Classic" as the name itself suggest, this building is classically constructed, keeping the beauty as its prime importance. Not only beautiful the building is crafted in a manner, that the passerby would atleast give a one complementary stare. This will be a 8 floor apartment in more than 3 beegha’s of land. This tower is in close proximity to rainbow village. Infact it’s so close that it can feel you that you are almost residing there. It has been build just too fulfill the variety of demand our customer can have, and that too within the same location.

This building has a classic elevation on either sides, large covered sit out balconies are a prima facia of its beauty & utilities. It shall he comprising of 3 & 4 bedroom units only.

All the bedrooms have been given a much needed space with attached toilet cum bathroom while in some dressing space too. Large centralized lobby with a spacious kitchen crafted to meet the regular demands of routine & a chaos of ceremonies. Every bedroom has got a balcony attached with them for their well to do ventilation and to relax in a natural environment. As far as other provisions are concerned & the outer space is filled with plantation, jogging track, large shrubs & beautiful herbs. A built up space for guards, community hall, space for GYM. space for library will also be part of this project.